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Position Title: Nurse

Full-Time and Part-Time

Position Summary:

The Nurse is responsible for monitoring Resident health care, including assistance with medications, medical monitoring, and arrangements with family for appropriate medical/dental appointments. Due to the Adult Residential Care regulations, nurses perform limited hands-on- care. Nurses serve as active members of the site management team and are acting supervisors in the absence of the Director and Director of Nursing. All responsibilities will be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the philosophy of residential care/shelter care regulations. Responsible for Resident services and other duties as assigned, tasks, meal services, participate fully as team members in all aspects of the community.

Position Responsibilities:

The most important qualification of the Nurses at Alden Pointe is a sincere desire to work with aged individuals, as well as those with memory impairment, and an understanding of the uniqueness of each Resident. A flexible approach to problem solving as well as compassion for Residents and their families are essential qualities. Completion of required staff training is necessary to foster thorough knowledge and commitment to Alden Pointe’s goals. We believe in the Personalized Care Model, which involves the entire staff.

Working Conditions:

Exposure to body fluids, infection, odors, and behavior of Residents.

Physical Demands:

1. Must be able to move intermittently throughout the workday.
2. Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability in order to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. 1. Assistance with training of new staff.
  2. Coordinating shift coverage.
  3. Responsible for medications and supplies to be stored in their proper places.v
  4. Change medication cards and keep them updated as orders change.
  5. Follow through with action concerning physician visits and new orders.
  6. Document in the Resident files of any results and changes.
  7. Send physician orders to appropriate agencies.
  8. Assign new or changed tasks and treatments to staff in a timely manner or immediately if necessary.
  9. Notify Director of Nursing when there is a change in Resident’s health status or when they go to the hospital.
  10. Report staff problems to the Director of Nursing.
  11. Assists in mealtime activities, including escorting Residents to the dining area.
  12. Assists in escorting Residents on field trips.

Other Duties:

  1. Adheres to and conveys philosophy of supporting dignity, privacy, choice, independence, Individuality, and a home-like environment for each Resident.
  2. Reviews assignments with Director, Director of Nursing.
  3. Reads staff communication records and maintains familiarity with Resident records.
  4. Assists with orientation of new staff to job responsibilities.
  5. Assists with setting up, serving meals, and cleaning afterward.
  6. Assists Residents moving in and out, as assigned.
  7. Assists in laundry service.
  8. Demonstrates knowledge of and follows infection control procedures.
  9. Maintains clean, neat, comfortable, safe environment for Residents, staff, and visitors including housekeeping services for Residents if necessary.
  10. Observes problems, concerns, issues with Resident units, building, and grounds, and communicates them appropriately.
  11. Observes changes in Resident status, needs, or preferences, and communicates them appropriately.
  12. Observes all work, safety, and administrative rules.
  13. Adheres to all established policies and procedures.
  14. Records Resident information as required.
  15. Avoids loss, breakage, and waste of supplies and equipment.
  16. Demonstrates knowledge of and adheres to procedures for fire, life safety, disaster, security, work safety, and other emergency procedures.
  17. Assists with individual Resident and group social recreational activities.
  18. Notifies DON of Resident status/change as appropriate.
  19. Performs other duties as assigned.
  20. Is knowledgeable at all times regarding Resident behavior problems; changes in behavior, appetite, family outings; and other pertinent information. Reports significant changes with the Resident to the Director of Nursing.
  21. Becomes familiar with characteristics of memory impairments and with effective techniques of managing emotional and behavioral problems of the Residents.
  22. Becomes familiar with licensing regulations and assures compliance with all requirements, particularly fire and safety requirements.
  23. Interact with Residents, families, neighbors, and staff in a professional manner and immediately report any difficulties.
  24. Participates in all staff educational meetings.

    Employment Requirements:

  1. Willingness to adhere to shelter care principles in providing services.
  2. Ability/willingness to perform all position responsibilities adequately.
  3. Keeps all information confidential.
  4. Maintains an acceptable attendance record/follows work schedule.
  5. Organizes and utilizes time appropriately toward accomplishing assigned tasks requiring minimal supervision.
  6. Displays cleanliness, good grooming, personal appearance, and follows dress requirements consistently.
  7. Displays ability/willingness to learn new skills and to teach others.
  8. Interacts in professional manner with Residents, public, co-workers. Works cooperatively with management. Displays willingness to assist co-workers when situation requires.
  9. Ability to do occasional heavy lifting (up to 50 lbs.) 30 lbs. regularly.
  10. Adequate and clear English speaking and writing ability.
  11. Ability to spend long periods on feet and to ambulate quickly.
  12. Is free of non-treated communicable disease.
  13. CPR/First Aid Certified.
  14. Ability to work safely and to recognize potentially dangerous situations.
  15. Ability/willingness to follow all policies and procedures.
  16. Is neat, accurate, dependable, and keeps work/space clean.
  17. Ability/willingness to work longer than eight (8) hour shift; to work holidays or overtime; to work seven (7) day schedule, if necessary.

Minimum Qualifications:

Associate Degree in Nursing
CPR/First Aid Certified
Must possess a high degree of interpersonal relations skills and considerable initiative, judgment, and leadership skills.
Must possess a high level of flexibility and tolerance to adjust to changes in workloads, Assignments, hours and days (i.e. weekends, evenings, holidays).
Attendance at mandatory in-service training.
Maintain CPR/First Aid Certification
Meet in-service training hours required for job classifications and position.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to Alden Pointe Executive Director Kathy McPhail at
Qualified applicants will be contacted regarding scheduling an interview.